And yet…

well... goodbyephoto © 2008 Bárbara Bessa | more info (via: Wylio)
These last few weeks have been bittersweet for me at school. At the end of April I accepted a new position. I will be returning to being a full-time teacher. I am very excited about it. I will have my own classes again. I will be working with one of the most extraordinary group of professionals I could have ever imagined being assembled. It is at a new school, which means things are still fresh and shiny (and they don’t leak!). The technology is all the latest and greatest. It is the opportunity to join a school and help establish a history and routines that will have a long lasting impact on the school, well beyond my time there (however short or long that may be).

And yet…

And yet, I will really miss some of the things that I have been doing. The last two years as a teacher-librarian represent the single best professional development experience of my entire career. I have learned SO much! Really I could not have imagined looking at education the way I do now, a mere two years ago. In fact until I got my first iPod touch three years ago, I think you could have safely described me as an education Luddite. I will miss the ability to explore new ideas in much more detail than I will probably have being a full-time teacher. Don’t get me wrong I will never go back to the past, but maybe I won’t have quite as much time to follow those links.

And yet I will really miss the connections with students that I was making in my role. Completely different from all my previous experiences, I got to know a whole lot (a WHOLE lot) of students, many, I think, whom I might not have necessarily met had I been teaching regular classes. Clearly the relationship was different (less depth, more breadth), but very interesting nonetheless.

And yet I will really miss the students in the one class I did teach per semester. I taught a lot of great students, and wow were they willing to follow me as I took them down all sorts of new paths trying all sorts of new things. I really had a hard time telling them that I was leaving. I really appreciated their kind comments and wishes that they could have me as a teacher next year. I was sorry to disappoint them, although they will surely have great teachers in my colleagues and that disappointment will be temporary.

But …. A new path beckons. I am excited to proceed. Who knows where it will take me in two years! I certainly couldn’t have predicted the last two years.


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