Using wikipedia

How is Wikipedia used in real life?

I recently read a great post from Christopher Dawson on ZDNet appealing to teachers to stop the prohibiting the use of Wikipedia.  He makes a lot of sound reasonable arguments for using Wikipedia, and he is right it is a great starting point that is a lot more interactive than Encyclopedia Britannica was in our day.  Personally I like Wikipedia, a lot, it is far from perfect, but it can be used effectively, and quite frankly I know of nothing better to use for answering questions surrounding pop culture!  However I always try and keep this post in mind when I am talking about it, because there are certainly things to be concerned with.  I quite liked this particular ‘how-to’ guide to Wikipedia, it visually represents the things that I have always tried to tell my students, but for which I could really use a visual reminder.

All of this was a preamble to the picture I’ve included in the post: it appeared in my Facebook feed, I’m not sure that this is an appropriate use.  Or perhaps they need to put the ‘how-to’ guide up in hospitals!


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