So it’s been far too long since I posted a blog entry and I think it’s about time that I reconnect. I’m a little ashamed of my delinquency, but at the same time I am glad that I am taking an initiative to get back involved. I have to admit I found last year that I felt like at times I was speaking into a vacuum and I wasn’t entirely sure that I was having any impact whatsoever. In fact I’m fairly certain that my impact was significantly less than I would have liked. If I think of it from a student’s perspective I had lost that feeling of authenticity. So I have been looking to recover that feeling, and I think with the help of Steve Hargadon’s presentation on the Reform Symposium (from July, I am little late listening to it, eep) I think I may have found it. He wonderfully summarized the entire experience on the web as similar to a conversation taking place inside a packed stadium. There is lots of noise but the conversation you have with someone else can help cut out the rest of that noise and that it is the most important bit of noise for you and your interlocutors.

In the end however that wasn’t the reason why I necessarily started to blog. I need to remember that this is my place to reflect on what I see. If others wish to engage me in that conversation that is fantastic, but I am going to make of it what I can. I believe there is a lot of power in doing that, and I am fairly confident that knowing that there are so many high quality educators around the world that eventually I will tweak somebody’s ear!

I also felt I had to rename (rebrand?) this website. Really it is a little thing, but I think that my new title better summarizes what I think I will be doing here.

As I come back perhaps I can stop feeling like Kramer in this clip…


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