Just a little tidbit

Nokia N97 and iPhone 3GS

via William Hook, flickr, http://www.flickr.com/photos/williamhook/3810777827/, Creative Commons, attribution

A while back I wrote about filters and the way that they have been used in schools. I ended my rant with a comment about how maybe the whole filter things might be becoming irrelevant anyway. Today gave me an example of that. A colleague of mine had to forward some information to a group of students before he talked to them about it, so he forwarded it to their e-mail accounts. Within a short while (less than 15 minutes) he went to talk to them only to discover that most of them had already read the e-mail on their phones. No need to access the school’s network to get that information. Seems to me that if we don’t get these students more access through our systems soon they’ll just go around it and that leaves me wondering how some people are going to deal with that.  If you really want to see great insight into this idea you should go to David Truss’ presentation on PODs in the classroom that he did for BLC 09.  It’s one of my favourites.


One response to “Just a little tidbit

  1. Greg,
    Thanks for the feedback, I really do appreciate it. You make the ultimate case for why filters will not work… they will not stop students from going around them. So, that only leaves the educational tools in the building ‘locked out’. I wonder how long it will take from now, when teachers in the trenches are seeing the obviousness of this, until when policy-makers and decision-makers come to the same realization?

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