A buzz but not a Google…

I was at an inservice today and one of my other colleagues who was there shared this rather cool little news website with us.  DoodleBuzz is a very interesting way of looking at the news.  It allows you to create your own doodle graphic on which the news is represented and to follow the relationships that are built, until you get to a news article that you wish to read.

I ran a search on our Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, just to see how it might handle news stories that weren’t as mainstream and it handled it fine.

Unfortunately I couldn’t capture my initial doodle, but believe me it was pretty complex


Next I just picked a story that appeared on my doodle, drew some more doodles and then clicked on a story.

You can see that you get an excerpt of the story plus further links to follow.  If you click on the excerpt it will open the story in a new, or you can continue to follow the link.

I read the justification of why a new news aggregator and the authors maintain that since news is chaotic, it is hard to have simply a linear approach to the news.  Indeed this is a very chaotic way to display the news, but it is also kind of fun to create your first doodle.  Having said that you might have to click on a story link a couple of times to get it to open.  It does not yet feel totally intuitive, but it is enjoyable and I have enjoyed playing with it.


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