Sometimes there are things that just show up and that simply blow your mind. While maybe not blow your mind but certainly reveal a whole new potential way of working with the Internet. iCyte seems to be just one of those things. iCyte is a simple, easy to use tool that will allow you to keep track of websites that you have looked at, thought interesting and that you would like to come back to.  Conveniently it sets things up so that if the url suddenly changes you still have a copy of it to look at.  iCyte also allows you to highlight a portion of any website and save just that.  Like I said there’s a lot of potential here.  It works nicely with either Internet Explorer or Firefox, and puts a nice little set of buttons on your toolbar from which you can access those sites that you think are worth seeing again. You can organize these into projects, share them, e-mail them, make them public, or keep them private. It’s really up to to you. Like I said a fantastic little tool to help make sense of the jumble of information that shows up so regularly on the Internet. Thanks so much to Richard Byrne (@rmbyrne) at FreeTechnologyforTeachers.com, a fantastic source for little and big ideas that revolve around the use of technology in the classroom, in this case however I think he found he found a gem that can work well beyond the classroom!

(update – January 6, 2010)

Well it works really well provided you make sure that you allow 3rd party cookies, which was my first problem.  However, thanks to some wonderful and extremely speedy technical support from Stephen, I am now back on my way.  The only other problem I’ve encountered is how to set up the toolbar extensions on two separate computers, something that would make it even better.

I am also trying to compare it to Delicious, and I would have to say I like the simplicity of iCyte, but Delicious allows you to easily add bookmarks from any computer.

(update – a few minutes later)

Again a quick note to Stephen and problem solved.  For support alone these guys deserve a few stars….


One response to “iCyte

  1. iCyte is just fantastic and I agree it has value just beyond education.

    Our capacity to utilize all the information available on the internet is constrained by the lack of tools we have to manage this information. I use it for everything, serious research, tracking things of interest, receipts. It’s changed the way I work on line and I wouldn’t want to do without it.

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