More cool web 2.0

The second part of my day yesterday was taking part in my usual semi-frequent school librarians development session.  We always talk about really interesting things, but there were a few things that I saw that definitely need to be added here.  Near the end of each of these sharing sessions we always look at new web 2.0 tools that have come about, and I have to say that Tag Galaxy, Google Wheel, and Google Timeline are fantastic examples of the power of the web.

  • Tag Galaxy is the most amazing program for sorting Flikr pictures.  Essentially you can search for a picture to fill your needs through this search engine and since pictures posted to Flikr are available through a creative commons license you can use them worry free as long as you give credit where it is due.   The amazing thing about Tag Galaxy is its intuituve interface which is really fantastic, it not only finds the pictures in your search but also suggests a further  search that you might want to make.  Best of all it does this in a manner that uses visual, instead of text based cues.  Just take a look at the following few screenshots to give you an idea of how it works.  I did a search for Japan since it’s one of my favourite topics and I  lived there for a spell so I consder it a second home. Having done that I followed it to my favourite city in Japan Kyoto which produced a similar universe, and since I wanted to look at Kyoto shrines at night I followed those links as well until I reached this, the globe that allows you to choose your picture and see the information from it. (Okay I tried posting another screenshot, but I seem to have had technical difficulties, check back soon!)
  • Google Wheel allows you to expand your Google search in ways that allow students to see relationships between their search and other potential topics, truly brilliant.  You need to access it after doing a search and clicking on the options for an additional drop down menu in the top left hand side of the screen.
  • Just below that you will see Google Timeline which displays the date of publication of the documents in the Google search.  A powerful way of investigating why it looks that way, and under the right circumstance it will allow you to locate primary sources on search topic.

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