Once more into the tweet dear friends…

So I’ve spent the better part of the last week playing with Twitter, and I have to say that I’m slowly changing my opinion. Briefly I have found that the potential number of professional tech-savvy educators who are on board is astonishing, and if you need good ideas and a different way to experiment with technology this seems to be the place to be. I have found that by adding some professional educators that I have found by accident or through other blog posts I’ve had a bit of an information explosion. Well certainly this leads to a problem of how to deal with all this information, but that’s a topic for later, right now I’d rather have the problem of too much rather than too little. As an example I am posting the following link which offers a really interesting look at how Twitter has been used in classroom settings. Thanks to @datruss for posting this on Twitter. I’m still not sure if it would really work in class, if you read the comments below this post (login as a guest) you’ll find @datruss’s comments that I would generally agree with.  Having said that there are certainly some ideas here that I’d like to try, who knows, I’ve certainly been wrong before!

Teaching ideas for Twitter

Today I also started playing with Google Wave, and I need to say that I believe that I am interested in exploring it further. More on that in a later post, and I’m sure I’ll come back to Twitter again!


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