Some new ideas

Once again I’ve been given the opportunity to share some technological tips with my colleagues. Today’s tip of the day involves Google Reader.

This is such a fantastic device for teachers who have incredibly busy schedules. I see it as one stop shopping for teachers. One of the most time consuming things that we can do is check a series of websites on a daily basis. This brings them all together in a very simple fashion and displays them to you, pictures and all. Although Google has its detractors this service is pretty slick. There are other readers out there as well, but Google won my vote for ease of use and getting up and going.

While I’m at it allow me to recommend a phenomenal web site that will present students with something to provoke their senses and make them think. The Boston Globe has a picture consolidator called the ‘Big Picture’ which is totally worth a look.  Best of all I think it is cross-curricular meaning you can find a high-quality picture to suit almost any class that will provoke some discussion.  Check it out here:

By the way I found it through Google Reader…


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