Education version!

I have looked at both Animoto and Glogster in previous posts and I believe that they have the ability to change the way that we have done things with technology in education.  One of my colleagues has been allowing his students to use Glogster in completing their Social Studies projects, and the early results are promising although the students are still learning how to use the powers of Glogster.  I found it surprising that for such a technologically savvy group they didn’t use more of the multi-media capabilities of Glogster.  Having said that there are many potential reasons, and I think as my colleagues embrace Glogster more formally these things will improve.  Another thing that will probably help our students and reassure teachers and administrators is the availability of educational versions for Glogster and now Animoto.  For Animoto this is the ability to complete more than just the 30 second ‘free’ demonstration that they currently allow for the general population.  Animoto has the potential to create a whole new way for students to tell a story and this is a very useful extension of their resources.  Glogster on the other hand has created an educational version that allows a teacher to create up to 200 accounts and then provides the teacher with the log-ins and passwords for each.  It then puts all these accounts into a separate discussion forum away from the regular Glogster world.  So students and teachers can actually comment on one another’s efforts within a protected bubble.  Another advantage of this is that the Educational Glogster version is much cleaner, for me that is something I totally appreciate.  Overall both sites offer the potential to enhance what we are asking our students to produce.  In the case of Glogster I also believe that it has the potential to save a lot of trees while making the students work even better.  I have added links to the Glogster and Animoto education versions on the side of the page.


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