There’s an app for that!

How many times in the next few years or even months are we going to hear the expression: ‘Oh, there’s an app for that’? It seems to me that the app store has opened some amazing potential avenues for people to persue whatever it is that they might be interested in. Just as an example I am typing this on an app that I just downloaded for free from the App Store. So now blogging has potentially become even more ubiquitous and available than ever before (at least that’s my impression).

So the annoying thing is I actually wrote considerably more using my iPod, but for some reason when I uploaded it, it only uploaded part of my post.  This is a frustrating development.  I had written quite a bit more I will try and summarize here.

  1. What will blogging like this mean for our classrooms of the future, not only in the sense of blogging, but also with the knowledge that this is surely not the last technology which will allow us to interact with people on an almost constant basis in a digital format short of instant messaging or direct voice contact over a phone.
  2. What will this mean for the way we conduct our classes in the future?  What will this mean for the way we run schools which are currently based on a certain number of hours of instruction and supervision?
  3. Lastly the whole concept of there being an ‘app’ for almost anything might really change the way that we can instruct.  I already find myself using the saying: ‘There’s an app for that.’  I know that I have used the saying many times with other people including at least a couple of ex-students.
  4. Lastly I still hate typing on the iPod, it’s nowhere near as efficient as a regular keyboard, which of course is why I didn’t try and re-write what I wrote on the iPod.
  5. Oh and last but certainly not least is the problem of what will happen as students separate into those who have resources and those who don’t have the resources.  This is potentially the biggest problem at some schools were the demographics are such that many students may not have the resources necessary to make use of of the apps that might be available.

Well worth a look is the video that is embedded on this page about PODs (personally owned devices).  It’s enough to make you think.


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