Web 2.0 – Brave New World

The continuing development of the Internet has made possible some fantastic new tools that teachers can access and use in their classrooms.  I have created this blog in part to show some of the potential.  This is my own webpage created by me both at home and at school using only my access to the web.  I did not need to have a specialized program other than my browser, the WYSIWYG power of the blog creator allows me to just type and have it appear without needing to know or understand complicated programming languages.

Web 2.0 tools work in the same way, they are web sites that allow you to create fantastic and amazing ‘content’ without understanding the details of how they’re created.  Many also allow for people to comment directly on what you’ve created (just like a blog).  Additionally they don’t require that you have much more than an up-to-date browser.

For example here’s what I created in 20 minutes using a simple web 2.0 tool called BubblePly which makes a ‘Pop-up video.’


The fact is that it’s still clunky and I would have liked to have spent more time on it, but I’m still learning how to use it.  On the other hand I had some fun making it, and I think that if I were to use it in a class I would be able to do a better job next time.  That’s the point with web 2.0, you can be constantly learning and constantly improving what you’ve already done.  Imagine also these tools in the hands of a student who is totally acclimatized to the digital age!


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