Well we’ve all made posters in class, we’ve all had our students make posters.  We have the supplies: scissors, glue, tape, felt markers, etc.  We’ve all taken in the piles of paper and had to mark them.  After which we may post a few around the classroom then return the rest, many of which wind up ‘recycled.’  The result: several dead trees and little of anything of value.  Glogster is a website that allows you to escape all of that.  Students can create posters that include audio, video, not to mention  images and media from the website as well.  Additionally the poster is live, meaning that it can be updated at any time in the future.  Lastly there is no more paper produced, and no more paper that needs to be ‘recycled.’  It allows the student to be as creative as they want.  A website with fantastic possibilities!  My creative glog is located here:

Again it took a few minutes and some poking around, and I still think there’s lots I could add, but this will suffice as an example.


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